Dive into the biodiversity of the historic vineyards nestled between mount Etna and the Mediterranean Sea

 Toast in the 1700s palmento

Visit the underground cellar with layers of lava

Enjoy a traditional lunch and Etna Doc wines
Discover a heroic land, a sustainable project and hospitality in Sicily.

Choose your tour

VISIT the sustainable hypogean cellar
TASTE 3 Etna DOC wines deAetna classic line

45 minutes
€ 25

VISIT the historic vineyards, the 1700s palmento and the hypogean cellar
TASTE the ancestral wine and 3 Etna DOC wines deAetna classic line

1 hour and 45 minutes
€ 45
EXPLORE Contrade

VISIT the historic vineyards, the 1700s palmento and the hypogean cellar
TASTE the ancestral wine and 3 Etna DOC wines Contrade line

1 hour and 45 minutes
€ 55

VISIT the historic vineyards, the 1700s palmento and the hypogean cellar
TASTE all our wines: the ancestral one, deAetna classic line and Contrade line Etna DOC wines with 3 COURSES LUNCH

2 hours and 45 minutes
€ 70
You can customize your tour on specific needs: visit@terracostantino.it
Vertical Tastings

Taste the best Etna wines evolution

Vertical tastings featuring 5 vintages from the deAetna line or 3 vintages of Contrada Blandano can be added to any winery visit or arranged separately. The experience is bookable for a minimum of 4 people.


Complete your tour with a special lunch among nature

Upon request, and for a minimum of 8 people, in conjunction with the proposed itineraries, the tasting can be accompanied by locally cooked barbecue meats.

Private events

Book your panoramic view

The tasting room is available for private dinners, also in conjunction with itinerary and tasting proposals.

Grape stomping in the Palmento

Live the “pistaturi” experience

During the grape harvest, the old palmento comes back into operation only for our guests, offering an unforgettable experience: grape stomping. Grapes are transferred from traditional wicker baskets to stone vats and stomped with feet, as per tradition, until the must flows into the underlying vat.


We have always practiced sustainability (we are among the few on Mount Etna to possess the Equalitas certification) and promote a lifestyle in harmony with nature
Vineyards and cellar are in the same location, offering a comprehensive experience even in a short visit
Immersed in nature, we inhabit a small paradise of biodiversity (wild herbs, medicinal plants, olive trees, and fruit trees)
We are the first company with organic certification on Mount Etna
Our organic and sustainable wines represent a distinctive expression of the Etna terroir and earning excellent recognition from the most prestigious international guides over the years.
We preserve an 18th century palmento and an extraordinary underground geological section, about
6 meters deep, which shows the millennia-old stratifications of volcanic soil and the emerging roots of the vineyards that grow above it
Our small size allows for an authentic experience and a genuine narrative, rich in anecdotes and family stories linked to local traditions
Hospitality is attentive, carefully designed and thoughtfully curated; the large terrace (at the center of a panorama that stretches from Mount Etna to the sea) allows for moments of relaxation and immersion in the landscape
The gastronomic proposal is varied and it's based on the search for local ingredients and producers in line with our principles of sustainability and love for the territory
We are inclusive: our spaces and paths are accessible even for those with reduced mobility, there is always a kit of paper and coloring kit for children, and a Bike Repair Station for cyclists. Four-legged friends are welcome

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