Producing our wines by organically cultivating our vineyards is not enough for us to be sustainable. This is why we decided to implement a series of sustainability actions that involve our work all over the year.
We’ve been the first winery on Etna to obtain in 2000 the organic certification, and today we do our job with the oenological consultancy of Luca D’Attoma, known internationally also for his experience in organic productions.
Our vines grow in a mixed cultivation regime, surrounded by over 20 different species of fruit trees - walnut trees, pomegranate, figs, apricots, kiwis, strawberry trees, olives, chestnuts, apples, kaki, almonds, oranges, lemons, mandarins ... - a real Sicilian garden, that we take care of and protect with the same love.
natural methods
The ancient memory of mountain agriculture teaches us the use of the most natural methods. Every year, we use green manure, sowing more species and then grinding the mass and burying it as a natural fertilizer. At the end of each harvest we also use the leftover skins as soil improvers.
At every stage, from the care to the maturation of the vineyard, the operations are almost exclusively manual (eliminating, among other things, the consumption of diesel fuel). Even the harvest is entirely manual.
the underground cellar
Both the winery and the barrel cellar are underground and 2 sections are directly open on earth making it unnecessary to use artificial cooling systems: the soils they are in contact with maintain a constant temperature of 15°C and this also helps to ensure natural ventilation.
construction materials
While building our underground cellar and creating the outside spaces that are now dedicated to welcome our customers, we took as much care as possible to reuse the construction materials, minimizing waste.
renewable energy
We’re very attentive on energy saving and to use renewable energies. Solar panels are used all over the buildings and electricity comes exclusively from renewable sources.
Every year we reuse and recycle around 1.4 million litres of water – from the washing of the cellar all over the year and from the collection of rainwater – that is the average annual consumption of 10 Italian families.
sustainable packaging
Also our bottles are sustainable. We have chosen them light, about 400 grams, to minimize CO2 emissions even during transport. Also the corks are natural and the cartons are made of recycled paper.

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