It’s not by chance that Terra Costantino has become the first organic winery on Etna, when the world had not yet discovered the extraordinary oenological microcosm of the Volcano. Behind this brand in fact, there is the long agricultural history of our family, made of love for the land. More than 40 years ago we met the fascinating history of this terroir: Dino Costantino recovered the vineyard in Contrada Balndano where today our winery is located and he discovered that the spontaneous wines that resulted from those 10 hectares of vines, looking at the Mediterranean sea in altitude, were coming from a tradition that had been renewing itself for centuries, around a millstone dated 1699. Even though the family business was at that time concentrated on other subjects, that meeting between man and land was dazzling, a love that is still renewed year after year, harvest after harvest.
Since 2020 has been enriched with a new vineyard in Contrada Praino, Milo: 2 amazing hectares of terraces, in a land naturally suited to fine Etna white wine.
Dino Costantino buys the vineyards in Contrada Blandano
Dino Costantino starts the vineyards cultivation
Fabio Costantino starts collaborating with his father, reviewing the global vision of the winery.
Terra Costantino becomes the first Organic winery on Etna
The first bottles with Terra Costantino label are produced
The new winery is now open
The new vineyard in Milo, Contrada Praino, is born
Contrada Blandano in Viagrande and Contrada Pralino in Milo are places full of history. Here the cultivation of the vines has a millennial tradition and it is confirmed by the Greek mythology.
The fact that this viticulture area has remained almost unknown till the end of the 80’s, has favoured mostly a family production, making it possible to preserve very ancient vineyards, exclusively characterized by local varieties and by contrada’s millstones.

We ourselves preserve one, at the heart of our winery: an ancient millstone dated 1700 that allows us to tell to our guests a story of secular production.
Today, we are the only area in the island that uses the ‘Contrada’ concept.

Once they used to be the ancient properties that were born on lava flows of different eras, completely cooled and in most cases returned to fertility. Today this concept helps to identify the micro-diversity of soils, given by the multiple lava stratifications, at different depths. In fact, it is a question of creating real Crus, all unique and strongly identifying.


Our winery has been the first in Southern Italy to be constructed following the rules of bioarchitecture. We designed it so that the natural line of the vineyards could hide it. Inside, we left a section where we can see the ground: being surrounded also physically by our ancient memory, pushes us to work rigorously.

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