EXPLORE Contrade

Explore with us the historic vineyards and the nearby 1700s palmento. Let’s walk together amidst the nature surrounding the vineyards, telling a story of intact and precious biodiversity in front of a landscape stretching from the sea to the smoking volcano cone. You can visit the underground sustainable cellar.

You can taste our Rasola, the ancestral wine, in the 1700 palmento. And than, we sit down for a guided tasting of our red and white (organic and sustainable Etna DOC wines), from our Contrade, Blandano and Praino:

- Etna Bianco Superiore Contrada Praino
- Etna Bianco DOC Contrada Blandano
- Etna Rosso DOC Riserva Contrada Blandano

The LIGHT LUNCH accompanying the tasting tells you about the territory: the cured meats, cheeses, and other ingredients come from Sicilian producers who share our idea of sustainability.

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes | Time:  11:00 / 15:00
Adults: € 55
Children older than 8 years and non-drinkers: € 20
Children up to 8 years old: € 0
You can customize your tour on specific needs: visit@terracostantino.it
historic vineyards and BIODIVERSITY
Explore with us the vineyards immersed in lush Etna vegetation and in the colours of a landscape stretching from the sea to the smoking volcano cone. Let’s walk together amidst the nature surrounding the vineyards, telling a story of intact and precious biodiversity, among pomegranates, lemons, rosemary, olive trees, and wild herbs.
Let’s reach the nearby 1700s palmento, in the heart of our vineyards. It stands on the edge of an ancient stream, now dry, once used for grape transportation. Here you can listen to the story of local viticulture; among the stone vats where the “pistaturi” once sang, we will taste our Rasola, an ancestral wine produced according to the traditional Etna method, that of our ancestors.
La cantina ipogea E SOSTENIBILE
Come discover our sustainability story with a visit to the cellar: we built it underground to minimize the impact on the landscape and reduce energy consumption. You will learn how we produce our wines respecting the land and the people who work it. You can explore our small, precious barrel room and the underground geological section, a breathtaking sight: 6 meters of millennia-old layers of volcanic material where the (visible) roots of the vines growing above sink.

The Guides

Our tours are led by guides who live and breathe the winery and vineyard every day: they welcome guests with the warmth of a family and provide them with a detailed, authentic, and unique narrative of every aspect related to the family’s history, viticulture on Mount Etna, the territory, production, and tasting. Available both in Italian and English.


The tour path, nestled in nature, allows for a complete experience while enjoying calm and relaxation because the winery, vineyards, old palmento, and tasting room are just a few tens of meters apart and all concentrated in the same location. The path is easily accessible even for those with reduced mobility. The facility is equipped with convenient parking, including space for minibuses.


Our wines are available for purchase at the winery, and we also offer a convenient and secure national and international shipping service (via specialized courier, with reserved competitive rates).
Payment and cancellation policy
All experiences require booking and a confirmation by TerraCostantino. Payment is due at the time of booking.
In case of cancellation, the following terms apply:
· Up to 3 days before the booked tour: 100% refund
· 2 days before: 50% refund
· The day before or on the same day: no refund

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