Tasting | 7 wines
Rasola, Etna Rosso DOC deAetna, Etna Bianco DOC deAetna, Etna Rosato DOC deAetna, Etna Rosso DOC reserve Contrada Blandano, Etna Bianco DOC Contrada Blandano, Etna Bianco Superior Contrada Praino + 3-course lunch

  • Visit to the historic vineyards accompanied by stories of Etna's viticulture and family heritage
  • Stop at the 1700s palmento with an evocative tasting among the original stone vats (1 ancestral wine)
  • Stroll among vines, wild herbs, olive, and fruit trees, with stops at scenic points to enjoy views of Mount Etna and the sea
  • Visit to the sustainable hypogean cellar and geological section with millennia-old visible lava stratifications
  • Guided tasting of 3 organic and sustainable Etna DOC wines, deAetna
  • 3-course lunch with recipes and products from the territory paired with another 3 Etna DOC wines (Contrade Blandano and Praino)
  • Relaxation on the panoramic terrace surrounded by lush greenery

With this itinerary, we invite you to delve deeper into our land and our history. We will begin our tour by strolling through the historic vineyards, the bush-trained vines that surround the winery, immersed in lush vegetation that frames the unique colors of a landscape stretching from the sea to the volcano.
Accompanied by the scents of wild and medicinal herbs, we will get to know edible plants up close and pause by the fruit trees and olive groves, appreciating those elements that contribute to creating an intact and precious biodiversity, the cradle of our wines.
With a short walk, we will reach the 1700s palmento, in the heart of our vineyards. It is one of the many palmentos that stood on the edge of an ancient stream, whose bed, when dry, was used for transporting grapes. The ideal setting to listen to the history of local viticulture and, among the still intact stone vats where the song of the "pistaturi" once resounded, to taste our Rasola, an ancestral wine produced according to the traditional Etna method, that of our grandparents.
We will then visit the hypogean cellar where we will tell you how our wines are made and the principles of sustainability (from reducing energy consumption to harvesting rainwater). The richness of the Etna terroir is appreciable in the spectacular underground section: you will see the stratification of volcanic soil and the emerging roots of the vineyards growing above.

Then, we will sit down at the table and, after the guided tasting of our deAetna wines (organic and sustainable Etna DOC red, white, and rosé), we will dedicate ourselves to a complete lunch that will be an opportunity to complete the tasting with our finest wines, the Contrade Blandano and Praino. You will thus get to know the entire range of TerraCostantino products, all 7 wines that we currently produce.
The lunch consists of three courses that delve deeply into our territory, the heroic farmers and producers who preserve rituals, values, and traditions. A true gastronomic journey, with ingredients that best express the Sicilian territory, prepared according to our family recipes and our principles of sustainability.

Visit to the historic vineyards, the hypogean  cellar, tasting of 7 wines and 3 course lunch.

Experience our land and our history. We will stroll through the historic vineyards, appreciating the intact and precious biodiversity, the cradle of our wines. We will reach the 1700s palmento, the ideal setting to listen to the history of local viticulture and taste our ancestral wine. After visiting the underground cellar, we will taste all our wines and have lunch, a true gastronomic journey.

2 hours 45 minutes
Price pp € 70
no drinkers € 35

This experience is reservable for minimun 4 drinkers.

After making the purchase, you have to book the day of your experience at  this number 334 8946713. Guided tours without reservation will not be guaranteed.

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