We cultivate 10 hectares of vineyards in Viagrande at Contrada Blandano, between 450 and 550 m.a.s.l. A place full of history, here the cultivation of the vines has a millennial tradition and it is confirmed by the Greek mythology.
The fact that this viticulture area has remained almost unknown till the end of the 80’s, has favoured mostly a family production, making it possible to preserve very ancient vineyards, exclusively characterized by local varieties and by contrada’s millstones. We ourselves preserve one, at the heart of our winery: an ancient millstone dated 1700 that allows us to tell to our guests a story of secular production.
the contradas
Very often we hear that, from a viticulture point of view, Etna is not Sicily: it is actually an ‘island into the island’ and a ‘North in the South’. Today, we are the only area in the island that uses the ‘Contrada’ concept. Once they used to be the ancient properties that were born on lava flows of different eras, completely cooled and in most cases returned to fertility. Today this concept helps to identify the micro-diversity of soils, given by the multiple lava stratifications, at different depths. In fact, it is a question of creating real Crus, all unique and strongly identifying.
The combination of a few elements make Etna wines unique, both in Sicily and all over the world:
The windy climate, characterized by the strong daily temperature variations, given by the proximity of the mountain to the sea, that reduces humidity and the risk of potential vine diseases.
The light, the abundance of sunny days, guarantees a perfect maturation of the grapes.
The volcanic soil, rich in iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, with traces of calcium and nitrogen, has a high draining power, which allows to grow healthy and dry vineyards
The historicity of the vineyards, often dating back to before the appearance of phylloxera
The native varieties, cultivated for centuries on all sides of the volcano

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